Student Arrival and Dismissal 2021-2022

Arrival Procedure (8:00AM-8:10AM)

Grade/LocationEntrance/Exit Number
5th & 4th GradeOutside Exit 2 Linwood Street in front of the school building
3rd & 2nd GradeExit 3 Linwood Street towards Arlington
1st GradeExit 7 in the Schoolyard by the girls’ bathroom
KindergartenExit 5 on Arlington
Pre-KExit 6 in the Schoolyard by the boys’ bathroom 
Boys’ Basement during Inclement Weather
3KMain EntranceJ. Nunez & L. Smith will meet class on the first floor

Dismissal Procedure (2:15PM)

Grade/ LocationEntrance/Exit Number
5th GradeExit 4 Driveway(Linwood Street towards Ridgewood)
3rd & 4thGradeExit 2(Linwood Street in front of the school building)
2ndGradeExit 3(Linwood Street towards Arlington Avenue)
1stExit 6Schoolyard by the boys’ bathroom
KExit 7 Schoolyard by the girls’ bathroom
Pre-KExit 7Schoolyard by the girls’ bathroom
Bus StudentsGirls’ Basement Arlington St.
Students Not Picked UpSchoolyard 
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